Kingpin cooling T-REX CPU container BLACK (Pre Order Now UK only)

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KPC T-REX is our latest and greatest CPU container creation. It was designed to be the successor to BOTH the venom and the F1 series of CPU pots and is strong extreme overclocking both massive HCC cpus(36 thread+) as well as mainstream desktop cpus (FULL pot + high MHZ capabilities). T-REX features a massive solid copper base design allowing both tight temperature control and good speed(rate at which the pots temp cna move up and down). Kit comes complete with solid copper nickel plated T-REX base, black anodized aluminium back plate, BLACK anodized T-REX top, and all necessary mounting hardware including compression springs, shoulder spacers, thumb nuts, and threaded mounting rods. Holdown set included is compatible with sockets 754, 939, 775, 1366, 1156,2011, 1151,1155,1156, AM2, AM3, and Threadripper.